My Story

Adam Conway

My Story 

My name is Adam Conway. I’m a cyclist, adventurer, and personal trainer. I live in a mid-sized city that lacks both a decent public transportation system and bike lanes. In spite of that, I decided to trade my car in for a bicycle when I got sick of how heavily we rely on cars.


From August 16th, 2011 to January 2nd, 2012, I worked as a bus-boy in the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not necessarily for the awesome times I had there (there were many), or for getting into Disneyland for free (I may or may not have gone 70 days out of 139 possible). It was such a great experience solely for how immersed in creativity I was. Every waking second was spent working, exploring, and studying a place whose soul is creativity.

I brought that creativity home with me. I spent every moment thinking about creating something. I wanted to create my own business, my own way. In the midst of creating this business, an opportunity to work a great job in the business field found me. It seemed like a great opportunity to graduate from college with some business experience under my belt.

Upon taking the job, I felt like I had it all together. Everyone I knew told me I was going somewhere, that I was going to really accomplish something in life. I felt like I was doing great for my age. How many 20 year-old dudes still in college were working jobs at financial planning firms? Not many, by my calculations, and that made me a winner. The problem was, these thoughts weren’t genuinely my own. I was merely taking on the thoughts of the people surrounding me and that’s bound to end up in disaster.

Disaster struck a couple months into my new job. It was too boring and there was zero creativity involved. I answered phones and processed paperwork. I stumbled upon Wandering Earl and it was all over from there. I found a whole world of people doing the kinds of things I wanted to do. People creating, inspiring, and challenging the limits of what’s “normal.” This discovery led to two significant revelations:

  1. I knew instantly that that’s the kind of person I wanted to be. All it took was really finding what I’m truly passionate about, and that didn’t take long. I have spent just under a decade devoting myself to health and fitness. I studied weight training to nutrition and everything in between. Through my own experimentation, I developed a passion for helping those around me get healthier. After quitting, I became a personal trainer to further educate myself.

  2. After sifting through countless articles from websites like Zenhabits and Becomingminimalist, I started to realize how much I value simplicity. After reading all these articles, I began to think about how un-simple our car culture is. I committed myself to doing something to change it. I bought a bike and decide to give up driving my car. I would eventually sell it, but my outlook changed completely the day I started riding everywhere.

In this blog, I attempt to educate and inspire others. I want to show people how to push their limits. People need to know that cars aren’t always the answer and there’s more than one way to get in shape. Enjoy!


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